Offering an array of services, KLD Playscapes will support all of your playground needs. Offering a full playscape solution from start to end – we design the play area and create unique custom playground structures – this is where your vision becomes reality. Clients of KLD Playscapes get a unique personalized service, unlike anything else offered in the Middle East, which also includes working with playground specialist, Etienne (Ed) Payer and renowned landscape designer, Kamelia Zaal.

Tailored Consultation:

One of our playground and design specialists will meet with you to discuss your needs and develop a detailed plan of how to achieve your playscape vision. This custom playground design service allows you to have full control of the design. Our tailored consultation services will be an ongoing dialogue to ensure the final design achieves the desired vision, tailored to your space, and within your budget.

Personalized Sales Support:

KLD Playscapes will offer you personalized sales support from the time that your order is placed to time of delivery. Management of project from time that order is placed to the time your playground is fully functional, we will keep you apprised of each step of the process, from order of product, manufacturing timeframe, transit time and installation.

Playground Management and Maintenance:

KLD Playscapes also offers prevention and maintenance programs on playground equipment, including detailed inspections of the play area to ensure it adheres to safety standards and advise of any defects. A detailed action plan will be provided to address any issues that may be found. Maintenance packages, whether one-time, or on a regular basis are also available. Please contact us for further details.

Landscape Design:

KLD Playscapes is proud to be affiliated with Kamelia Landscape Design Studio. Owned by Kamelia Zaal, managing partner of KLD Playscapes, Kamelia Landscape Design is a niche studio of landscape experts focusing on the creation of unique and tailored contemporary landscape, supporting their clients through the design process and project management until completion. For further information, please refer to


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