KLD Playscapes offers the full spectrum of playscape services from the creation of your vision, finding the perfect playground pieces, playground installation and site furnishings, after service maintenance, and most importantly safety inspections.

KLD Playscapes has partnered with key players in the industry, including Playcraft Systems, Polin, SPI Global Play, SIK-Holz, ID Sculpture,  Luckey Climbers and ZaZaZoo; all offering unique play products not before seen in the Middle East.


KLD Playscapes creates playgrounds unlike any other seen in the Middle East.

We aim to enhance children’s play experience by giving them dynamic and engaging playscapes for countless hours of play, stimulating their imagination and creativity in the process. 


KLD Playscapes will provide you with a unique experience – turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

We offer a unique partnership: between a landscape designer and playground specialist. Together,  KLD is redefining the future of play by bringing creativity to the playground.


Serving the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt, clients are presented with the full playscapes solution, a first in the Middle East.

We hope to be your first choice in playground develpment. Together, we can achieve your wildest dreams.


We’re a close-knit, friendly and talented team devoted to making your playground dreams a reality.


Managing Partner
Landscape Architect

Kamelia is renowned for her work in creating intuitive and stylized outdoor spaces. She is also responsible for the international award-winning landscape design of the Al Barari Development, the UAE’s most distinguished, luxurious and sustainable green residential project.


Managing Partner
Playground Specialist

Etienne, originally from Canada, has worked in the industry for over 8 years all across North America. His passion and drive to create amazing playscapes makes him an integral part of the team. He is excited to focus on the work in the GCC. With his playground experience, Ed will surely elevate the standards of play across the Middle East by bringing in new manufacturers and award-winning designs.


KLD Ropes

Once a customer, always a friend! Expect full support and friendly customer service throughout the duration of your KLD experience. KLD Ropes offers a large selection of ropes-based playground equipment and is committed to providing quality products at a competitive


For over 25 years, Playcraft Systems™ has strived to produce the finest playground equipment in the industry. Their focus has always been on quality, innovation and value and it shows. Their Team Specializes In State-Of The Art Commercial, School &


With over 42 years global experience and 3,000 waterpark installations all over the world, you've probably seen some of our work without even realizing it. Polin's specialists have gained expertise from operations in 105 countries around the globe. They are

SPI Global Play

With a reputation for quality and innovation, we have designed and built Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) across the globe. Our innovative play centers provide a wonderful, colorful, safe and secure environment for children to enjoy. It is our mission to


SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH is a family-run craftsmanship business since 1988. Based out of Langenlipsdorf, Germany, we design individual playground equipment made of no more than creative ideas, talent, and robinia wood. We offer something for everyone. Discover the world of SIK-Holz and

ID Sculpture

ID Sculpture's obsession with play-based learning has its roots in the mountains and is born out of a love for adventure. They are the outdoorsy kind that explore the world and bring it into their playscapes for family and friends

Luckey Climbers

Luckey LLC is a bespoke design-build firm that creates bespoke children’s climbing sculptures for institutional and commercial clients around the world. Led by kid architect Spencer Luckey, they have refined the art with their one-of-a-kind Luckey Climbers, constructing more than


ZaZaZoo is a Canadian company founded by a French business woman who was looking for an activity to do with her nephew. Surprised with the limited options available, she decided to develop a product to fulfill this need and the

"The ability to play is critical not only to being happy,
but also to sustaining social relationships and being a creative, innovative person."

- Dr Stuart Brown


We craft beautiful solutions for our distinguished clients across all platforms.
Please take a look below at some of our work; we hope to inspire you with our possibilities of play!


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Offering an array of services, KLD Playscapes will support all of your playground needs. Offering a full playscape solution from start to end – we design the play area and create unique custom playground structures – this is where your vision becomes reality. Clients of KLD Playscapes get a unique personalized service, unlike anything else offered in the Middle East, which also includes working with playground specialist, Etienne (Ed) Payer and renowned landscape designer, Kamelia Zaal.


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